Transform Events with Inexpensive String Lights

Inexpensive Lighting Ideas to Amplify Your Events

Lighting is fundamental to soften the atmosphere of a large, cavernous room typical of event venues. Lighting also reinforces the desired mood for attendees. And if the event is outdoors, lighting is essential for defining the perimeter of the boundless space. But when you are throwing an event on a budget, lighting expenditures can quickly chew up the dollars, particularly if you hire professionals.

Here are eight ways you can employ your do-it-yourself side and use inexpensive st ring lighting tricks to create the ambiance you desire. And remember, if you are anticipating an upcoming event, stock up on Christmas tree lights after the holidays when they are available at deep discounts. No need to buy the more costly string lights when Christmas tree lights can be purchased for a fraction of the price during markdown time. Just be sure to buy the kind that stay lit when one light on the strand burns out.

Helpful Hint for Installing String Lights

According to blogger Andrea Howard, she attempted to attach string lights with duct tape but it did not hold. She then tried common transparent adhesive tape, and it worked. See the following source for step-by-step instructions on  how to successfully install string lights .  (Source:

Hint 1: Install Lights Under Tables

Whether you want to highlight a long rectangular head table or a small round reception table, installing lights underneath tables creates a fairyland effect. (Photo Source: for head table and for round table)


Hint 2: Create a Back Drop on a Wall

Hang individual light strands from ceiling to floor for a festive, sparkling backdrop.

This barn wall is altered from an unfinished, unpainted wood wall to a wall fit for an occasion with the addition of light strands. (Photo Source:

Hint 3: Drape the Ceiling

Simple but effective…the single strands of lights looping from one ceiling beam to another gives the illusion of  lowering the height of the ceiling. This helps create a more intimate setting. (Photo Source:

Hint 4:  Swag the Lights

Use swags interwoven with light strands whether you are decorating a church pew, the side of a table, or a wall. Straight pins and tape are all the tools you need. (Photo Source:


Hint 5:  Drape Lights on a Canopy

A simple wooden structure can become a simmering wonderland by mingling strings of light throughout the fabric. Placing a few strings on top of the frame is sufficiently dramatic. (Photo Source:

Hint 6: Combine Light Strands with Nature

Outdoor events need lighting for practical reasons. But lighting is also needed to define the border of the party. String lights around trees to achieve both. Or create a structure with ladders or poles. (Photo Source:

Although more costly, combining string lights with hanging light strands on trees creates a curtain effect that creates intimate spaces in the great outdoors. (Photo Source:

Hint 7: Combine Light Strands with Candles

Sometimes light strands do not create a sufficient impact. Adding pillar or tea light candles can amplify the amount of light and offer a more visually interesting display. This curtained back drop would look skimpy with just a few light strings. The glass candle holders on either side both amplify and balance.  (Photo Source:

Hint 8: Make Lamps from Empty Wine Bottles

Do you need a source of lighting for table tops or shadowed areas of the room? Save empty wine bottles and use a diamond hole saw drill to run the light strands into the bottom of the bottle for use an inexpensive lamp. (Photo Source: hole saw drill bit

Hint 9: Make Hanging Lamps with Baskets

Buy inexpensive wire or metal baskets and dump the light strands inside them. What a great way to light an outdoor party, casual yet fun. (Photo Source: