Black and Gold Events on a Budget

The Great Gatsby Theme – Black and Gold Galas

Whether inspired by art deco motifs, the Great Gatsby, or the lives of the glamorous rich and famous, black and gold creates an elegant and memorable color scheme. Black and gold offers a wide range of tablescape themes, from vintage to modern to super contemporary. And you don’t need to be rich and famous to achieve a successful tablescape. Black and gold is timeless and sophisticated, so just using those colors can amplify your event to the next level. After all, what do we associate with gold? Champagne, jewelry, royalty, Fort Knox…rich, rich, rich! And what is associated with black? Lacy lingerie, top hats and tuxedos, simple black Audrey Hepburn dresses…formal in its extreme minimalism with a bit of sexiness, too.

How to Use White with Black and Gold Tablescapes

Black and gold tablescapes can consist entirely of black and gold. Or white can be introduced to break up the black and gold. See the difference in the following photos. In fact, the formality, although still present, is lessened when melding white into the color scheme. There is a cleanness and simplicity injected by the white versus the magnificent opulence of using only black and gold. White also tends to lend the black and gold color scheme a more modern feel. (Photo Source:,


Black and gold may look rich, but it doesn’t mean you have to be rich to have a black and gold event. For example, tablescape employs black cotton napkins rolled and secured with a gold ribbon. A roll of gold ribbon is inexpensive. And whether buying our black Easycare napkins for a little over $2 each or finding another source, the napkin is not a majblackgold4tiffany.comor expense. And the dinner plate can contain a simple black and gold place card or consider wrapping a box of chocolate in metallic gold tissue paper with a black velvet bow. White table cloths are easy and inexpensive to rent. (Photo Source:,


Gold Chargers for Black and Gold Affairs

Gold chargers are available in plastic and can look quite upscale when paired with a white dinner plate. The ones in this photo have had giftwrblackandgoldchargersciaonewportbeach.blogspot.caap glued to the inside so when the plate is removed, the plastic charger is minimized. Wouldn’t black velvet look gorgeous for a black and gold affair? Don’t be afraid to use silver colored utensils with gold. In order not to interfere with the overall color scheme, you can tuck them well under the lip of the charger. Or consider wrapping the utensils in a gold doily so that only the tips peak out, tying the doily with a black or gold ribbon.  (Photo Source:


Can Silver work in Black and Gold Table Settings?

As you can see in this photo, silver utensils were used. Because there is so much gold and black present, the silver blends well and does blackandgold5latavolalinen.comnot greatly interfere with the overall color scheme. (Photo Source:




Inexpensive DIY Black and Gold Table Setting Ideas

Other ways to inexpensively introduce black or gold is via accessories such as candles, coasters, napkin rings, chair ties, Christmas tree ball decorations, balloons, and table overlays. We’ve included one of our 10 styles of gold napkin rings and our gold coasters to show you how cost effective options that look more upscale than their price tag can enhance the gold in your tablescape (we have black, too). And organza chair ties in either black, antique gold, or bright gold are available from us to turn a boring banquet chair into a seat fit for royalty. (Photo Source:,, Gold-Embroidered-Fabric-Backed-Coaster-Gold-Backing Gold-Woven-Napkin-Ring--600

Even if you are not terribly artistic, gold glitter, a can of gold spray paint, balloons, doilies, or black lace goes a long way! Who knew that an old bottle or an acorn could look so stunning with a couple of spritzes of paint? Use your creativity and resources at your fingertips for your own unforgettable black and gold event.  (Photo Source:,,,,