Add Style to Table Settings with 7 Simple Napkin Folding Ideas

Simple, Simple Napkin Designs to Enhance your Table Settings

There are so many versatile ways to fold napkins. There is the universal rectangular or triangular fold that we have known since childhood. Or, we can get fancy and learn complex folds that practically require a masters degree in origami. However, creative napkin folds that enhance your table settings do not need to be complicated. Here are 7 very simple napkin folding techniques that are practically effortless yet add that touch of pizzazz that makes a tablescape go from humdrum to visually interesting.

Napkin Folding with Ribbons

Number One:  Tie a Ribbon Around a Traditional Rectangular Fold – this is a Simple Napkin 1, way to display cutlery on a place setting and add that extra bit of color to the table. Buy a roll of ribbon, tie a bow around your cutlery, and you are set to go. (Photo Source:



Napkin Folding with Scarf Technique

Number Two:  The Scarf Fold Technique – for a simple event, perhaps a dessert affair, tie the napkin around a single utensil. Or you can stack one utensil on top of the other, for example an afternoon tea that includes Simple Napkin 2 buzzfeed.comboth a fork and spoon. Fold the napkin into a single long rectangle, fold the rectangle in half, place the utensils on top of the napkin just before the fold, then slip the ends through the loop that is caused by the fold and tighten. Voila, a lovely and neat way to display the cutlery. (Photo Source:



Making Napkins Look like Flowers

Number Three:  Flower in Glass – use either a water orSimple Napkin 3 wine glass. This floral napkin design is perfect for a spring event. Using green as the leaf color amplifies the perception that the napkin is a flower. For the flower, fold the napkin into a triangle. Fold the tip of the triangle over the long end, then roll. Tuck the final end into the inside fold. For the leaves, fold the napkin into a triangle, then fold it into another triangle. Place the flower inside the fold created by the second triangle with the “petals” peeking out. Flip under the bottom tip of the leaves. Place the napkins in the glass and fluff the “leaves.” (Photo Source:

Napkin Folding that Showcases the Napkin Ring

Number Four:  Napkin Ring Presentation – this fold is ideal when the emphasis should be on the napkin ring rather than the napkin. It is particularlySimple Napkin 4 striking when the colors of a napkin reinforce the beauty of the napkin ring, in this case the blue color and the satin fabric of the napkin showcase the elegant formality of the gemstones of the napkin ring. Fold the napkin into a triangle. Hold the two ends that are on the long edge and fold them over and over two or three times until you have the width of the napkin desired. Flip the flat end of the napkin underneath and insert the folded edge through the napkin ring. (Photo Source:

Napkin Folding with Decorative Knots

Number Five:  Simple Napkin 5 stylemepretty.comTie the Knot – we like this fold when the color of the napkin is integral to the theme of the table. In this case, there is a spring floral appearance, and the soft blue of the napkin repeats the color of the tablecloth. Because the dinnerware is white, the color of the napkin is even more important in creating visual interest on the table. And the fold is so so simple. Just tie the knot, fluff, the end, and place across your dinner plate. (Photo Source:

Napkin Folding for Tea and Coffee Serving Situations

Number Six:  Coffee and Cake – or tea and scones, as you wish! And the nicest part is that this works well with paper napkins. Just pull the napkin through the cup handle, positioning the cup on its side on the saucer. Luncheon size napkins work best. (Photo Source: Napkin 6

Number Seven:  Garden Galore – use sprigs from a garden, herbs, evergreens, whatever flora and fauna you desire to spice up your napkin. In this case, twine was used to tiSimple Napkin 7 paperandlace.come cinnamon sticks and an evergreen sprig to a rolled napkin, which works great for a rustic or holiday theme. Yarn would also be effective. To create more formality, use ribbon instead. (Photo Source: