Wine Bottle Cover Ideas

3 Reasons to Use a Wine Bottle Cover

A wine bottle cover has multiple functions. It can

  • Significantly increase the value of a wine gift
  • Be a decorative enhancement
  • Re-purpose empty wine bottles

Wine Bottle Covers Inflate the Perceived Value of the Wine

We have sold our Always Elegant beaded wine bottle covers to the Rotary Club in Lexi's-Lifestyle-Photos-4-15-79- 600the past. They hold a fundraiser where they auction wine, and they claim when they add a wine bottle cover to the bottle that the ending auction price increases by as much as 30%. This indicates high perceived value of the cover! Without a doubt, wine covers add charm to wine gifts. The next time, you take a host or hostess gift of wine, think about adding a wine bottle cover. They make a great accessory to an ordinary wine bottle. Covers are a quick aid in transforming the bottle into a decorative artifact for the hosts. Moreover, after the party is over, the host can re-use the covers to add charm to bar areas. The beaded see-through covers are particularly functional for re-use because the label is easy to view.

How to Choose the Optimal Wine Bottle Cover for the Situation

How do you choose a wine cover for gift giving? Wine covers are available in a variety of different patterns and materials. Assuming you are eliminating the commonplace paper gift bags, here are a few suggestions. Wine bottle covers can be formal, such as our Always Elegant beaded versions. They can be themed to a holiday, sometimes by color such as silver ones for silver wedding anniversaries or orange ones for Fall festivities or even gold stars for either Christmas Lexi's-Lifestyle-Photos-4-15-86 - Copyor award ceremonies. The design of the cover can carry a theme. Consider a wine cover with hanging grape clusters for a wine tasting club event or a whimsical Santa Claus suit on a wine bottle for Christmas. Since a gift of wine is easily Capture 4recognizable by the shape of the bottle, it is not necessary to enclose the entire bottle in a fabric wine bag. However, concealing the label may be necessary as part of the gift giving situation, so a fabric wine bag may be in order.

Beaded Tassels as Wine Bottle Decorations

BeBurgundy-Red-Beaded-Tassel--600aded tassels are a simple and easy way to decorate a wine bottle. These can be purchased in singles or sets of 6 from Always Elegant. They are cost effective around the holidays when occasions for wine gifts proliferate. They are also cost effective as a decorative effect when placing wine bottles on banquet tables.

Enhance a Reception Tablescape with Wine Bottle Covers

Wine covers can be used to enhance tablescapes, too. For example, a bride may want to decorate the wine bottles that are set on the reception table (or give her guests a gift of wine adorned with a cover to take home after the reception). A dinner partyTurquoise-Seed-Bead-Wine-Bottle-Cover--600 at home could be enhanced by adorning the wine. We offer a beaded style that has elastic in it. That way, the wine cover does not move around when the wine is poured, and the top of the wine bottle is exposed for easy pouring. Wine bottle covers bring style and elegance to a bottle. Simply slip one over a bottle of wine, and you have got a gracious piece that will catch the attention of your guests.

Wine Bottle Covers used in Decor

As a decorative enhancement, wine covers can be placed over hurricane lamps, vases, liquor bottles sitting on a bar, or pillar candles, to name a few. It is super simple to cover a pillar candle with a beaded wine cover. Our covers are made of metal aCapture8nd glass so they do not burn. And the result as part of a centerpiece setting is outstanding. One of our customers, Jan from Tree House Creations, bought wine covers to place over her bathroom fixtures, giving her boudoir a Victorian look. We suggest that you buy a can of spray shellac and spray the cover on an empty wine bottle, let it dry, then place it over the item being decorated if you plan to have it for a long time. The covers are made of coated metal, but over time the links will tarnish. Shellac Capture7stabilized the links so they do not tarnish. And because our beads are glass, there is no damage to the beads, nor can the shellac even be detected on them.

Creating Lamps from Wine Bottles

Wine bottles can be repurposed. Instead of tossing empty wine bottles, lamps or vases can be created from the empties. We have one creative customer, Jan at Tree Top Creations, who makes stunning bJanTreeHouseottle decorations that contain Christmas tree lights. She combines the formal appearance of our beaded covers with earthly elements like raffia in some of her designs to create an eclectic, unique results. Complex table lamps can also be made from wine covers but these involve drilling through the glass so we direct you to other  blogs to learn that process. We prefer to keep it easy and put a short strand of Christmas tree lights in an empty wine bottle with the plug coming out of the top. We typically cut the connector plug off the end and cap the end with electrical tape. Little to none of the wire is exposed so tape is more than sufficient. With the connector end off, the whole string of lights fit in the empty bottle. We usually put about 35 lights in a regular-sized wine bottle.