Napkin Folding Ideas – How to Fold a Napkin Fit for Afternoon Teas

Napkin Folding Adds Creativity

Napkins are an important element in providing your table with an interesting and creative appearance. A napkin does not just rest on the table prior to being set on your guest’s lap. It is a way to express creativity. Why just fold a napkin into a rectangular shape? Or pull a napkin through a napkin ring?  There are hundreds of ways to fold napkins, some very simple and streamlined and others more ornate, bordering on an origami approach to napkin folding. The style of the napkin fold can match the tone of the meal, be it classy or rustic, black tie or casual, intimate or inclusive. Needless to say, the possibilities are endless and the results incrementally improve the overall finish of your table settings.

Sweet Napkin Bows

One of the most popular downloads on our Pinterest Napkin Folding board is this sweet napkin bow that was originally shared on  I tried this myself, and if I Capture3can accomplish this napkin folding feat, then I know you can, too! Start with a square luncheon (18 inch) or dinner (20 inch) napkin. Fold the napkin into a triangle, then roll the triangle, and tuck the end inside the roll. Follow the photo, bending one end of the roll (one-third in size) over the roll, then bend the other end of the roll (one-third in size) over the roll so that both ends meet at the bottom with a little bit of overlap. Gather the ends up to the middle of the roll, hold the roll in one hand, and push it through a napkin ring. Using a larger napkin ring that measures about two inches in diameter in the inside hole is helpful (or a thinner napkin material). Straighten the two ends to form a neat bow.

Lexi's Lifestyle Photos 4-15-7I used our fuchsia hot pink 21 inch dinner napkins to achieve this look. You can see that the bigger the napkin, the longer the bow ends, which is a matter of personal taste. The result is sweet and feminine, both because of the bow format and also because of the choice of our white pearl flower cluster napkin rings. This look is perfect for a female function such as a shower or afternoon tea.