A Simple Way to make Pew Bows and Chair Ties

Pew Bow Idea that Takes Minutes to Make

Try Always Elegant sheer organza garland to make pew bows for a wedding or chair ties for an event. Our garland comes in 21 colors, measures 108 by 10 inches, and is economical at $3.95 each. If organza does not suit, then tulle is a good choice as well and can be purchased in a variety of widths and lengths.

Here is a simple method that looks nice and neat. Make a large loop about the size of a loose collar you would hang around your neck. Grasp the loop in half with one hand and let the two sashes hang down as they fall. Stabilize the bow next to your body and take a piece of pre-cut ribbon and anchor the part of the garland you are holding by tying it with the ribbon. The ribbon can be used to attach the bow to a pew, a chair back, or a centerpiece. Be sure to secure the organza nice and tight with the ribbon. Fluff out the two bow loops and, voila, your bow is done.

If you want to add a touch of color, consider tying a flower to the ribbon before securing it to the pew. Adding something as simple as a single red rose to a white organza bow creates a stunning effect.Capture 2





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